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What are called backlinks in Search Engine terminology?

Backlinks are references on one website to another website,
it can refer be to the home page of the other website,
or to a specific page of the other website. Also the backlink
can be on the home page of the one website,
or it can be on a specific page of the one website.

Backlinks are also called “incoming links” or “one-way links”;
like is already said, these Backlinks are links from one website
to a page on another website.

Google and all other major search engines consider backlinks as the
votes for a specific website page. Website pages that have high numbers
of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine traffics.

There are different types of backlinks:
natural backlinks,
two ways backlinks, you link to me, i link to you,
one way backlinks, i link to you because i love your article or topic,
automatic backlinks, when a visitor clicks on a certain link or banner, it creates backlinks,

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